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Bees & Biscuits: A Sweet Family Legacy

Chapter 1: A Family's Texas Roots

In the heart of South Texas, nestled along the picturesque banks of Carancahua Creek, the family cultivated a rich tradition, deeply intertwined with nature and the art of beekeeping. This is the story of how brother and sister, Blake Briscoe and Susan Greenwood, alongside their spouses Toni Briscoe and Bill Greenwood, embarked on a journey to create a thriving apiary business named Bees & Biscuits.


Chapter 2: Blake's Beekeeping Passion

As a teenager, Blake Briscoe developed an unwavering fascination with bees. It all started on their family ranch in South Texas when he, with the assistance of his father, began to raise bees. The mesmerizing dance of these industrious insects captivated his heart, igniting a lifelong passion. Together, father and son tended to their hives, and their mother substituted sugar with honey as she cooked for the family.


Chapter 3: The Beginnings of Bees & Biscuits

In 2018, Blake and Susan now living near each other, decided to follow their beekeeping dreams and they, along with their spouses Toni and Bill, set up an apiary in Eastland County, Texas. With unwavering dedication, they meticulously cared for more than 50 hives, nurturing the bees with love and respect.

Chapter 4: A Nod to Family Tradition

The name "Bees & Biscuits" carries a profound significance for this tight-knit family. Their mother, a remarkable home cook, used honey exclusively in her culinary creations. Her breads and pastries were legendary in their family, and it was through her recipes that they discovered the incredible sweetness and versatility of honey. With the hive in their hearts and the aroma of honeyed biscuits in their memories, they chose to honor their mother's legacy through their enterprise.

Chapter 5.HEIC

Chapter 5: Sweet Success

Over the years, Bees & Biscuits has flourished. The hives have produced honey that's nothing short of liquid gold. This pure, raw honey, carefully collected from the thriving Eastland County hives, has found its way into kitchens all over central and west Texas and beyond. It's not just any honey; it's a taste of the family's heritage.

Chapter 6.HEIC

Chapter 6: A Blossoming Legacy

Today, Bees & Biscuits stands as a testament to the beauty of family bonds, the wonder of nature, and the sweet rewards of dedication. The legacy lives on through the thriving apiary business, where honey and delicious pastries, lovingly baked by Susan, continue to delight the senses.


Chapter 7: Join the Buzz

Bees & Biscuits warmly invites you to become a part of their story. Taste the sweet nectar of their labor, experience the magic of honeybees, and savor the enchanting flavors of homemade pastries. From the heart of Texas to your home, they share their passion for bees and biscuits with the world.

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